Requirement for Creative Manager Posted Aug 07
Baggit India Pvt Ltd , Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Responsibilities: -
a) Start from scratch, generate ideas from rough sketches & draft leading to layout
b) Briefing & assisting photographer for creativity
c) Social media & retail - To assist in the content and management of the website
d) Interview subject matter experts to create articles, blogs, web pages (website copy, landing pages, etc.), info-graphics, executive briefs, white papers, eBooks, copy for banner and print ads and email promotions.
e) Create content that speaks to the specific challenges of our target audience and use creative storytelling to describe solution benefits.
f) Create content that maps to all points of the buying experience, from early awareness to post-purchase customer experience and adoption.
g) Proven experience writing clear, concise, compelling, accurate and grammatically correct copy
h) Experience writing for digital channels & involved in writing the digital marketing plan
i) To assist in delivering elements of the marketing functions within the sales and marketing plan and the digital strategy

Soft /technical skills reqd. -
a) Creative & innovative
b) Proof reading
c) Cinema graph
d) Communication design
e) Fine art
f) Graphic design, Photoshop
g) Illustrator
h) Photography & visual art