Requirement for Executive Sales and Marketing Posted Aug 28
To develop, establish and maintain marketing strategies to meet organizational objectives. Effective management of the marketing, advertising and promotional activities of the organization.
Duties and Responsibilities:
a. Accountability

i. Customer Satisfaction
ii. Market growth
iii. New Application & Product development
iv. Budgeting Adherence

b. Responsibility

i. 70-30 ratio for the time in field and office
ii. Achievement of targets
iii. Competitors technical comparison
iv. 5 New Upgrades
v. Add 15 new customers in a year
vi. Collection of payments when due
vii. Timely closure of commercial issues
viii. Competitors rate comparison
ix. Regular customer interaction
x. Proper specifications
xi. Proper Literatures
xii. Ensure that the data related to jobs are archived properly in systems
xiii. Ensure proper & accurate presentations of offers
xiv. Be updated on competition
xv. Keep abreast of regularity requirements to machine
xvi. Regular interaction with engineering consultants
xvii. Ensure that the job file is updated with latest things/communications
xviii. Proper MIS to be prepared and presented regularly
xix. To maintain Customer satisfaction index up to > 0.8
xx. Ensure the customer is kept abreast of the job status regularly
xxi. Ensure Presentations are updated