Requirement for Sales and Marketing Associate Posted Oct 09 , Delhi NCR, Delhi, India
Role Description
B2C Sales - Pitching the offering to potential clients & closing the deal (50% of the profile)
B2B Alliances - Establishing B2B relationships with corporates and service providers (30% of the profile)
Events & Campaigns - Ideation & execution of promotional campaigns on the field (10% of the profile)
Digital Marketing - Social media marketing campaigns and expansion of digital footprint (10% of the profile)

Role Requirements
Work experience 0 - 1 year.
Working knowledge of MS Office.
Above average communication skills.

Things to Look Forward
Live the Start-up Experience - Opportunity to learn real-time on the ground by implementing the conceptual frameworks in a vibrant start-up environment
Be an Entrepreneur Apply if you want to train yourself to become an entrepreneur one day and learn by DOING 100% and not spend your time in theoretical reporting tasks!