Social Media Strategist Posted Apr 02
What we need:

We need someone with a multidisciplinary exposure to social media who can help us in branding our luxury brand (Escaro Royal Luxury ). The core focus is to run effective PPC marketing, google ads, facebook ads, social media branding campaigns.

A Social media strategist needs to be able to extend their communication skills outside of the organization as well:

1) Coordinate campaigns with co-marketing partners.

2) Connect with influencers through social media outreach. Influencer campaigns are a big part of overall strategies for us.

3) Creativity requirements:
The right candidate must be mindful of specific network rules, distribution guidelines, media types and posting conventions. The creativity displayed by the right candidate must resonate with the target audience and that must display in likes & engagement.

4) Ability to find the right audience and fine tune this audience periodically
There is nothing more frustrating than trying to reuse a target audience forever for your ads. The right candidate will ensure that new audience is built every now and then and new audience set are researched and added periodically!

5) Sales focus:
The social media strategist must be sales focused and must be able to generate visible sales with increasing sales numbers and revenue. Must be able to maintain a healthy RoAS of 6 or more.

6) Proactive approach
Social Media never sleeps.A good social media specialist will always be seeking new campaign ideas, engaging new prospects and practicing social listening to spot mentions of their brand or relevant conversations.

7) Obsessed with Analytics:
The right candidate must be comfortable with updating their leadership team with progress numbers, anecdotal wins, visual data and ROI reports.

8) Ability to handle the following:

-social media pages
-Twitter handle
-Facebook ads
-Google ads
-influencer engagement
-video marketing is a huge plus!
-graphic design is ultimate!