Talent Marketing Specialist Posted Apr 17
Packt Publishing Pvt. Ltd. , Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
The Talent Marketing Executive will be responsible to execute and implement all the TA Marketing campaigns for Packt. Social Media, being one of the most content-consuming platforms, forms the base of this role and is one of the major key result areas for all the efforts taken towards employer branding. The incumbent should be enthusiastic about Social Media content, spot employer branding and marketing opportunities, and build brand stories across all talent branding platforms. If you are a strong believer of adding value to every step taken to create something big, read on.

Manage and maintain employer branding and content on Packt Website, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram & Glassdoor.
Ensure Packt website content is updated and social media communication is in sync; replicate the same across other platforms, job portals and candidate sites.
Plan and execute campaigns for Employee Referrals to attract potential candidates.
Implement Campus Connect initiatives by visiting Tier 1/2/3 colleges. Continuously follow-up with and engage with campuses for placements, internships and vocational training. This will include connecting with PCOs of different colleges across Mumbai and sending them our CP Proposal. Conduct and share campus visit feedback reports.
Engage Interns, Engineering graduates, prospective employees and alumni with pre/post hiring decks, seasonal mailers, social media activities.
Effectively make use of content like live videos, branding messages to drive Packts culture and values.
Work with the TA team to understand open vacancies to design and execute the advertising programs on Web, Social & Print.
Drive the Internal Employee Advocacy function for the TA team by ensuring target-based impressions to our social job posts in a quarter.
Use all possible technologies and avenues to highlight Packts USP, and drive recruitment through social media to the next level.
Manage parallel operational tasks like - Content/Collateral Development, JD hygiene, Sentiment Analysis, and Pre/Post talent brand engagement communications.
Ensure qualitative completion of above & other projects assigned to you from time to time by the Talent Manager, as per agreed timelines.

Ensure weekly, monthly & quarterly trackers are updated real-time & consistently.
Ensure regular attendance at weekly and monthly individual & team meetings.

Competencies & Behaviours
Learning Ability - The ability to absorb new information readily, and perform tasks in accordance
Asks questions on technical and functional job requirements
Recognize mistakes and attempt to correct/prevent them
Put new learnings into practice
Gain information from conversations that is useful for your routine
Use acquired knowledge practically

Discipline - The ability to adjust to existing rules, processes, procedures and policies. Find reinforcement from the Talent Manager when in doubt
Pay attention when receiving clear instructions regarding rules, procedures and methods
Follow instructions carefully & flawlessly
Ask Talent Manager for advice when facing a situation in which existing processes and procedures are unclear
Do not perform actions contrary to your position's rules, procedures or ethics
Stay actively informed about changes in regulation, procedures and methods
Clearly recognize the boundaries of your contractual employment status

Planning & Organizing - The ability to determine goals and priorities, and to assess the actions, time and resources needed to achieve these goals
Draft a realistic time schedule for activities assigned by the Talent Manager
Stay critical in routine tasks and keep an eye on your own performance
Draft an action plan with the support of the Talent Manager before commencing a task

Adaptability - The ability to remain fully functional by adapting to changing circumstances (environment, procedures, processes, people)
Adapt your own sourcing methods where required
Take very minimal time to adapt to a new task
Continue working effectively when tasks suddenly change
Easily adapt to a new work environment with evolving processes
Handle Packt standards and values with ease

Conduct - Make a good impression and sustain it during the tenure of your contract
Behave appropriately and in accordance with Packt standards
Address internal and external stakeholders correctly, in accordance with the Packt culture
Provide knowledgeable and prompt answers/solutions professionally